Thursday, 28 May 2015

Access WhatsApp in your PC using WhatsApp Web

Oh Great…. Its done.  Now I can use whatsapp through my web browser. Thanks to Whatsapp for the Whatsapp Web facility.  I and most of you always wished to use Whatsapp on PC instead of checking mobile phone often at work.  Some of us uses mirror applications and risked our privary with third party applications.  Now No more worry, No more Risk, No more complexity… Whatsapp itself released a new function called whatsapp Web, in which you can access whatsapp messages in your chrome browser.
Whatsapp web is not an extra application, it has no seperate existence, Its just mirroring your mobile Whatsapp messages in your Web Brower, thats means one copy in your phone and one copy in your PC.
How to Use Whatsapp Web
1.First of all, You need to update your old whatsapp application to version 2.11.498 or higher through playstore.
2. Once you updated the whatsapp, open your Chrome brower in PC then go to . You can see a QR code there.

3. Open your Whatsapp on phone, then go to menu> Select ‘WhatsApp Web’ from Menu> Scan the QR code.

4. You done, now you can access your whatsapp messages through PC browser.

Note: WhatsApp Web function available for all platform except, iOS.

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